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ameliamunster's Journal

4 March 1986
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I like Cockrock and 80's metal, Grindhouse and Exploitation, Blaxploitation and Sexploitation, Milkshakes and Sundaes, Fashion and Photography, Circus' and Burlesque,Bellydance and African Tribes, Vincent Gallo and Vincent Gallo Films, Music, Clothing, etc....

accessories, afi, african beadwork, african jewelry, african tribes, albert camus, aliens, artists, autopsy, baking, band aids, bats, big doll house, black americana, blaxploitation, body modification, bones, brown bunny, bruce campbell, bubbles, buffalo 66, buffy the vampire slayer, burlesque, cannibalism, carol beckwith, chocolate, cleaning, clocks, clowns, cockrock, crane games, dali gaggers, darktown strutters, david lynch, dinos, diversity, dr. steel, dr.seuss, dreaming, duckman, elfen lied, exploitation, factories, fashion, firefly, forensic science, frankenstein, fula, fulani, genets, giraffes, glitter, glow in the dark, golliwog, great horror family, grindhouse, hair, halloween, hamar, hausa, helmut newton, herschell gordon lewis, hocico, horror, hot fudge brownie sundaes, howard stern, ice cream, interior design, japan, john waters, juice, keys, kiswahili, language, lemurs, lost, lucky pierre, lunchboxes, lurch, maasai, married with children, mirrors, music, one piece, open mindedness, owls, pam grier, pasta, pee wee herman, performance art, photography, playdoh, pocky, poison free, prick, psychomania, pumpkins, purple stuff, rags, rites of passage, roger corman, rolly pollies, rriiccee, russ meyer, sage francis, saul williams, serial killers, sexploitation, shel silverstein, shotgun messiah, skunks, socks, something weird video, son of the beach, spanish, spock, squirrels, star trek, stars, stickers, straightedge, strawberry shortcake, straws, stunt rock, swahili, textures, the human body, the munsters, thunderstorms, tribal ceremonies, tribes, twin peaks, urusei yatsura, velvet paintings, vincent gallo, wedding dresses, wodaabe, x rays, zombies, zulu, zulu beadwork